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Big or small, no matter the size, many businesses begin with an idea, and thrive with the help of the good people behind it. Whether you are the entrepreneur or the valued associate in a successful venture, a degree from a Business College gives you the foundation you need to be successful. From Accounting, to Human Resources, to Marketing, Business Colleges offer degrees that focus on all aspects of a company no matter what you see yourself doing.

Business Schools offer a variety of degrees including accounting, banking and financial management, marketing, economics, entrepreneurship, information systems, human resource management, and organizational leadership. You can also earn a graduate degree such as your Master of Business Administration (MBA) from a Business College.


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Rowan University

A leading public institution- Rowan University combines liberal education with professional preparation from the baccalaureate through the doctorate. Rowan provides a collaborative- learning-cente...

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University of Phoenix San Diego Campus

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